First Chakra known as the base or root chakra or muladhara. It is situated at the perineum and is associated with the color red. It is regarded as a masculine, positive chakra. In the male, this area of the body (the genitals) is more pronounced and protrudes, whereas in the female it is receptive, and is hidden.

This chakra centre is concerned with the basic love of life; it is the seat of our passion and the source of our Kundalini energy, our life force energy. It is the position of our root to the earth; it grounds us and embodies the quality of support.

This chakra is associated with the sense of smell, the sexual glands and endocrine glands. It is about our ability to contain
and experience ecstasy and orgasmic qualities which are also experiencing abundance.

Each chakra has a bija, a seed or single syllable sound; the base chakra seed sounds are Lang, Sam, Sham and Vam. This chakra is represented by the elephant god, Ganesh and depicted by a square shape. A clear and healthy base chakra is fundamentally important as it is the foundation for all other developments.

It is concerned with our need for security and assurance. It is
also related to our basic needs and functions, such as food, sex,
health and excretion. It is involved with generating more passion
to fuel and propel energy upwards to power the upper chakras for
enlightenment. It relates to the Malchut Sefira, kingdom center,
manifestation on earth, in the Cabbalist system.

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