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Heal Your Life With Tantric Self Healing Techniques for:

Optimal Health

Relationship Issues

Sexual Healing

Trauma & Emotional Healing

Take Charge of Your Life and Thrive !

January 2014 Healing Lump

Hanna had a growing lump on top Sternum. Self Healing with 1 Mantra & Visualisation, using the Cosmic Cobra Breath. Recovered March 2014.

In May 2017 Recovered from Pneumonia, 2 seizures & Resuscitation by her daughter.

Hanna recovered and self healed with no medications just using the Cosmic Cobra Breath

Healing Modalities

Cosmic Cobra Breath
Healing Meditations
Psycho-Sexual Therapy
Relationship & Empowerment Coaching
Tantra, Kabbalah,
Mantra & Meditation
Tantric Self Healing
Colour-Light / Colour-Puncture a
Tachyon Healing
Karuna & Tantric Reiki and much more

Link to Healing page https://hannatantracoach.com/healing

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