Tantra Lovers’ Free Event

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Are you ready to become Tantric Lovers and propel your love relationship to a whole new level?

Tantra is the Yoga of Relationships & Intimacy, the Art Of Honouring Sacred Sensuality & Embodied Spirituality.

Join our amazing playful & fulfilling event for lovers.

Perfect for all love couples who:

  • wish to re-ignite your love
  • may be “stuck” in lockdown & routine
  • searching for the magical gift of love
  • know there is more they can do in their relationship
  • ready to take their relationship to a whole new level !

In this experiential event you will be:

  • creating new levels of intimacy
  • bringing new magic into your love

Perfect for all love partners across the globe especially during these times & for those creating new relationships. From beginners to experts, desiring to elevate love & intimacy to a whole new dimension.

Book here or email to receive login details: info@hannatantracoach.com.

Join us on this special event, a most phenomenal gift of life & love.

BOTH partners are to be participating in the event. This is an experiential event. Please ensure your video is ON ! There is NO nudity.

Suitable for beginners and masters.

About Hanna Tantra : ExtraOrdinary Tantra Coach, Psycho-Sexual Therapist Relationship & Empowerment Coach, and Film producer & Author, Hanna Tantra Katz has been practicing and teaching Tantra for over 5 decades.

Hanna has been teaching Tantra globally, since 1998, in workshops and retreats, and now online. For 23 years, she has combined her vast Tantric experience with her psycho-sexual therapy background and Kabbalah heritage in her coaching work with individuals and couples.

Looking forward to Zooming with you in the zoom-zone.

Wish you all the Love and all that your hearts’ desire and beyond.

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