Currency=Money=Internal value. The monetary gift you gift others will keep the flow of “currency” and empower your internal value and honouring what you can manage at the present moment. It is important to pay and value it is an exchange and a glow of the current of life, energy.

English Mantras: “I am wealth ,I am Abundance, I am a Money Magnet, I am secure, I have more then Enough ! Money comes to me easily & effortlessly in increasing quantities, from multiple sources, on continual basis”

These mantras will transform, and activate your internal resistance, self sabotage. You reprogramme your subconscious by repeating the conscious thought / choices.

Choosing to allow yourself to receive, the intention of being in the wealth consciousness, THAT transforms your experience, the reality you have of abundance.

Otherwise you can have all the money and properties yet you are of poor mind set and survival fear mode. It is like a parched man laying in the river having just arrived from the desert, yet unable to allow any abundance flow in to nourish and quench the thirst.
Choosing to be abundant you can effect this for others, you can transform our word.

You could do so much good and feel fulfilled.
Recognising and appreciating the abundance you already have, expressing gratitude even just for being alive, for the annoying neighbours, for the green leaves, for… will open you up to receiving more.

Being / feeling/ expressing “Gratitude” is the magnet that attracts miracles.

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