Huge clay Buddha, protected by Thai monks. All monks (Centuries back) killed by the Burmese army attack Fast forward: 1957 AD, Entire monastery relocating, monks reverently carrying the enormous clay deity. Progress painstakingly slow, protecting from rain. Unnoticed, drops permeating, damaging the integrity of the sacred artefact.
2) It is night (or day), a monk examining, noticing a reflective shining light emanating from within a crack. Frenziedly chiselling the clay around the crack, oblivious to the dismay of others. Chipping away, revealing THE most magnificent luminous solid gold statue !

? What do you take from this ? (artistic license details)

? What is hidden withing the core of your being?

Within our “damaged” pain…that our true essence is reveal. Live the Life You Love, Live Out Loud & THRIVE !

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