Carrying resentment /anger in our precious heart, gut & head, causes dis-ease ! It is preventing us from really living life fully and thriving. This story (4 paragraphs) will transform this: 
Two scholars (Buddhist\ Yeshiva\ Sikas) approaching a vast swamp. A beautiful young distressed maiden standing by the edge of the bog, lifting the rim of her wedding dress.

One scholar silently lifting her up, carrying the maiden across the marsh, placing her safely on dry land across. The older tugging behind disapprovingly, seething with anger, saying nothing the rest of the journey.

Reaching their destination, at the gate, the elder erupts accusingly:“How could you !?! We are not even supposed to look at a woman, let alone touch one!”

The young scholar, looks calmly at the fuming elder, saying: “ I have let her go on the other side of the shore, for what are you still carrying her?!
What or whom are we still carrying resentment?, holding onto contempt & anger? as justified excuses not to forgive, letting go, moving on? Thus keeping the circle of sufferings. In fact,by doing this, we amplify that which we are not letting go off, within us and globally.

Go to a river bank or a shore line, in your minds eye or physically, and let it/them go, Thank it/them for the lessons they gave you, as it/they have contributed to the wonder that you are, right here, right now!

Thrive ! Live Life U Love

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