You are Limitless ! Neuroscience, “Reality”, Ego Tunnel, Where we “End”: In meditation, we cultivate more accurate perception, awakening to the realities of our minds. Neuroscience proved that during deep meditation we cease the separation process of where we “end”. Enabling us to perceive uninterrupted flow of the Whole, Oneness. Literally shutting down the part of the brain that evaluates, separates & “self” created arbitrary boundaries.

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Meditators construct new realities. They may perceive atoms, electrons, electromagnetic waves oscillating inside the vacuum, of space, existence itself ! It is NOT “reality” itself ! It is all created from the “WithIN”, our personal perceptions !

Studies show accomplished meditators demonstrating abilities of stimulating large areas of their brain, consciously activating & generating synchronously producing feeling of Oneness within the mental landscape. “The Ego Tunnel,” Thomas Metzinger talks about our brains as the generators of a virtual world.

Spiritual schools of Unity Consciousness, Kabbalist; Buddhists; Sufi; belief if we meditate in certain ways we will transcend, see the world is it really is, really Know Oneness.

Awaken to the “truth” of our existence and All That Is”

Go into the WithIN, (so you do not go without)

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