Image result for professor brian coxProfessor Brian Cox was talking on his show aired tonight about the Human Universe, Why we are here and the origins of humanity and the universe, all in fascinating episode. I will attempt to capture some of the Image result for Tantric temple Bhand Baran India,amazing points made. He mentioned an important Tantric temple Bhand Baran India, over a thousand year old, carved with Tantric erotic images dedicated to Lord Shiva, the destroyer. Professor Brian Cox acknowledged that some of the Tantric traditions are dedicated, at least in part, to a celebration of pleasure. (Tantra means Cosmology, science and art, as well as a whole lot more) He also confirmed the location of the temple is in the centre of a crater, three kilometres wide. which some geologists say it is the scare of meteorite smashing into the earth, of course the earth has been bombarded by meteorites. About 66 million years ago the impact has wiped out the dinosaurs. If that small rock has missed the earth on its millions of orbits, and passed through the sky as a fire ball, the dinosaurs would still roam the earth and we would not exists. Probably. As the rock did strike the earth, dinosaurs vanished, human existence become possible.

Professor Brian Cox talked about the fascinating sacred teaching the Rig Vedas, the Hindu scriptures Brahman priests chant, and a wonderful proposition that the teachings are the first scientific thought of existence of universe, that Gods/Deities came after existence ! I always joked that “in the beginning, Man created God in its own image”…

He went on to explain how 2 singles cells structures merged symbiotically, allowing the mitochondria to evolve, the accidental occurrence of the merging / colliding of the cells, and the interaction of accidents and rules lead to the evolution of humans on earth.

Professor Cox voiced that In our universe there is no particular aim, the life of the universe likened to  a cricket game, (never go the hang of this game, one has to be born English or in the Empire to comprehend this game…), where rules and chance play out together and by accident happens to produce a human universe, Rules and chance evolved us, our cultures and complex human expressions.

He was asking questions such as: who wrote the rules of the game, what are the origins of the laws of nature? What is the origins of the universe, what went on before the big bang, what are the constants of nature, speed of light and variable of particles to have a universe support life. I was fascinated by this for years, engaged in this contemplation for hours as a child.

Image result for universeBrian Cox, continued stating there is not very much freedom in changing any of the parameters, of world creations, (as that would not allow life, galaxies, planets. If the constants and the values are random, then how lucky we are to have the universe forming. What would account for the uncanny precision that enabled the whole universe to exist and evolve. He also gave the analogy of the dials, which reminded me the “This One Goes to 11 ” ! (spoof by Spinal Tap, which the incredible Rob Bell, mentions briefly in his “Everything is Spiritual ” ! Highly recommend to watch.

Professor Brian Cox stated that our universe is incredibly lucky. Likening it to winning the lottery, in which only one ticket was printed. at the same time, there are infinite numbers of universes. We are living in the perfect universe ! So why on earth / universe are we destroying it and creating misery and inflicting pain on our fellow human-Unity !?

Image result for vulcan star trekHe said that there are infinite universes with different gravitates, light and partials. What would a slower universe mean for reality? He then travelled to Miyako Jima Island in North Pacific, with only 3000 people inhabitants. commenting it is a precarious place to call home, it is an active volcano the entire island. “Volcanism” not only destroy it also creates. (Like Shakti, the creative and destructive powers in Tantra) (I wonder if “Vulcans” in star trek was inspired by this power)

in November 2013 a new island appeared in the North Pacific, arising seemingly out of nothing. We can now attribute it to “Volcanism” rather then ascribing to the acts of gods. The current scientific mechanism can explain the origins of the universe is from nothing thought the process of what now is called “Inflation”.

“Nothing”, No-Thing, is apparently “forbidden” in the rules of quantum mechanics, where it is asserted that the universe was filled with energy, fluctuating and expanding. then the fluctuations fell below a certain level it transformed into matter and created the “Big Bang”. The “inflationary expansion” of the universe.

He asserted that the Inflation in nature need not stop at the formation of one universe, eternally always creating new universes, The human universe is the inevitably the winning ticket ! And there are infinity numbers of universes, “Infinitesible” specs infinite vast of infinite universes.

Image result for universeProfessor Brian Cox asserted that existence has “No purpose ! You are because you have to be ! The answer is up to you ! ”

It is bearable / comprehensible to us through Love !

The Answer to Your Life Is Always Up To You ! We are Divine Design. Love and blessings. Namaste