Which Comes First? Galaxies or Supernovas? Black-holes alter the fabric of space time continuum as we knew it, creating gravitational warping. We are FREE FALLING in space time. We contribute to worlds formation with electromagnetic power of our creative/destructive thoughts.

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One day Humans will leave home planet earth 1, in search of another. We will embrace, (or not) differences in our HumanUnity. Accept (or..) other forms of existence manifestation, other beliefs, other realities.

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Remember we are NO-THING. smaller then a cosmic blip (if that) not even a spec of dust in the great scheme/scale of the UniVerse (=One Song), So make YOUR hearts’ sounds count !

Contribute to propelling consciousness evolution, even if it with a smile or telling the “truth” once, or a kind gesture to a stranger, giving freely beyond what is “comfortable”.

Either way this is YOUR time now. Make it count.
Live the Life You Love, Live Out Loud & THRIVE !

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