What is your calling that emerging through?
קריאה: תמוז = The calling of this month Tammus (July) 
Emergence emanates into creation, enables formation to take place and calls into action. It is the basic 4 levels of our beings, in Kabbalah, elevates into the 5th realm of existence, הויה, a higher expression of Human-Unity איחוד !

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Atzilut = Emanation (nobility)= נביעה = אצילות
Briyah = Creation = בריאה
Yetzirah = Formation = יצירה
Asiyah = Action = עשיה

The physical four worlds of existence in Kabbalah, the dimension of worldly functions, embodying different dimensions of consciousness to enable human experience to transcend into the realm of unity consciousness. They are the “doorways” enabling us to enter the “fifth dimension and beyond…