The invitation: Gratitude Allows The Flow Of Abundance Shower You, Every Drop Experience Is A Blessing

1: We Are Raindrops, the Essence of Life (1 minute to Eternity & beyond!) 

“You Are Not A Drop In The Ocean, You Are The Entire Ocean In the Drop” Rumi, the greatest Sufi Mystic, poet & scholar,13th century
“All know that the drop merges into the ocean, but few know that the ocean merges into the drop.” Kabir, Indian mystic poet & saint,15th century

We are like a drop of the ocean = existence. We contain ALL Human-Divine-Design. The whole cosmos is within us. Water represents ourselves, our Emotions = Energy in Motion / Life flow / Abundance money, current=currency. Quantum physics “proves” the spiritual assertion that we contain the whole Multiverse within. Each cell is a holographic signature of the divine design within us. 

Find innovative new ways to play with & celebrate water, use paint brush, massage with water, dance / stomp in water. Make love to/with water. Float & surrender to water’s flow, even in the bath. This enables us to let go, surrender, be transported into altered states of consciousness & reconnects with the sense of security we felt in the womb. 

Meditate on a drop of water, drink with awareness. Each drop journey through the atmosphere, clouds, rain, dew drops, into the rivers (of life), permeated into all living growing beings, returning to the ocean and evaporating into air. Then  the cycle repeats. Each drop is going through, nourishing, every sentient being, every tree & blade of grass. Water sustains our life, yet wants no-thing of itself, seemingly striving to be reunited with All That Is. 

We are approx. 60% made of water: Our brains & hearts 73%, lungs 83%, skin 64%, muscles & kidneys 79%, even our bones are 31% water !

Be in the attitude of gratitude, give thanks to all human experiences, as they bring remembrance of who you really are, our Divine-Design Nature. Our perceived challenges affording us amazing teachings, sowing where to grow in: Acceptance, Forgiveness, Generosity of being, Grace, Joy & Surrender. Give thanks to all that is, was & will be, in the here & now

2 Affirmation / Mantra: (1 minute to Infinity)

2.1 “Apah Suktaam” (short version) Meaning: mind rejuvenation, tranquillity foundation, soul purification, wash away sufferings, from the Rid Veda. Full version: “Apah Suktaam Aahpo Hei Sthaa Maayo-Bhuva Staa Nah Urjeh Dadhaatanah”

2.2 “Herat Herat Heh Sahkhi, Rahya Kabir Heraii, Bundh Samanii Samund Me, Soh Kaht Herii Jaaii”. Meaning: Kabir says: “Searching over and over, O my friend! I lost myself in Him. Its as the drop that mixes with the ocean. Where can one search for it?”

Amazing song:  This Dew Drop Song by Suvarna
[KGVID width=”200″ height=”250″][/KGVID]  celebrating Kabir’s enlightenment occurring like a dew drop dropping back into the ocean. Kabir was an enlightened 15th-century Indian mystic poet & saint, muslin born, Hindu disciple of Ramananda.

Suvrana honoured me by singing at my centre.

Rumi is the greatest Sufi Mystic,13th-century Persian poet & Islamic Scholar born in Iran He spoke & wrote in Persian, Turkish, Arabic and Greek. Inspiring till today, enabling people to transcend cultural divisions.


Enjoy the journey and Thrive, Rising in Love.

Love and Blessings. Namaste

Hanna Tantra Coach, Day 36 Tantra Love Challenge

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