The invitation: Our Energy Bodies Extends Beyond Imagined !

1 Auras & “8th” Chakra – Energy Bodies: (8 minute to Infinity) 

Restoring vital health can start by energetic bodies as it impacts our physical manifestations. Partners can activate healing for the other, They can also create energetic love with energy bodies. Our energy can be sent across the globe, it knows no bounds. 

In Chi-Gong, Tai-Chi & other martial arts they consciously work with amplifying energy and sending to an area. Some healers get a sense/feel/see/know, if there is a dis-ease in the energy bodies, & can tell precisely the internal organ/body part, it relates to. 

Our energy bodies relate to the chakras & our physical bodies. The first energetic “film” over the body, Ketcheram, about 1 inch  = 25 mm, off the physical body. Referred to as the “8th” Chakra, (there are many more). Correlates to the first chakra.  Above the 1st energy body approximately 2 inches = 50mm, is the second energy body, correlation to the second chakra & so on. Declare which energy bodies you are sending love & healing and enjoy vibrant vital thriving health. Send to all you think about. It works magic. Visualise others thriving. 

2 Energy Purification Meditation: (2 minute to Infinity)

Inhale deeply through the mouth. On exhalation, allow the Aum to resonate, as if it is you are standing under a divine waterfall, cascading into your crown chakra, into the head and permeating your whole being. 

Aha, opens the heart, and solar plexus, Hum or Hung connects second and base chakra, anchoring into the body, and down to planet earth. 

Release the breath, allowing “it” to spring upwards on inhalation, repeat the cycle. After a few audible rounds, let the energy spring upwards and wash through you, as it is happening silently. You are the conduit for divine energy. 

You are the bridge between heavens & earth. Get yourself out of the way, enabling sublime energy to curse-through you as it desires to be expressed & manifest on planet earth. 

3 Affirmation / Mantra: (2 minute to Infinity)

Aum Aha Hum / Aum Aha Hung = Oh Aha MMM = The surprise, understanding, tasting / integrating. Purifying & Releasing. 


Do share with us your love success, 

Enjoy the journey and Thrive, Rising in Love.

Love and Blessings. Namaste

Hanna Tantra Coach

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