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What’s Yoga and Tantra connection? “Tantra is the Mother, Yog(a) is the Son” ! …קרייה = קר׳אה The Cosmic Cobra Breath Unleashes Kundalini (inner dragon) Power within, you become the Magician, the Magic Wand and the Magic. Releasing your SuperPower SuperConsciousness and rejuvenation. Creating spontaneous healing as one “side effect” of many

You have the power all dormant within learning to safely harness and releasing, riding the waves of bliss. There is a lot more to it. Here some internal practices I teach of energy flowing within the body and brain, when initiating in the Cosmic Cobra Breath which is the most profound practice that activates Kundalini safely.

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If I had to let go of all the knowledge and all practices I know (a lot!) this is the ONE I will keep ! It is the life force activation, rewriting your DNA, letting go, accepting the magic that you are and working your magic for the benefit of ALL Human-Unity.

Enjoy the Kriya …קרייה = קר׳אה