The third chakra is known as the solar plexus or Manipura.
Traditionally this chakra is located around the navel. In
the new age schools of spirituality, it is said to be situated
more towards the sternum. This varies according to the individual
and for practical purposes may be found anywhere between these two positions.
This chakra is associated with the color yellow. This chakra
is regarded as a masculine positive chakra; it represents the
masculine quality of will power. The essential balancing and
harmonizing quality of this chakra is playfulness. It is associated
with the element of fire and the sense of sight. It is where the joy
of the soul resides. The third chakra is related to the pancreas, our self esteem, charisma, will power playfulness radiance and how we manifest in the world.
The seed syllable (bija mantra) for the third chakra is Rang. It is represented by the image of the Ram representing controlled anger and by a downwards pointing triangle.
This chakra is also regarded as the umbilical cord to the universal soul, manifesting the energy that is needed by humanity to feel goodness and harmonious within, and the ability to feel empathy towards the environment and others.
On either side of the third chakra are two sub-chakras, located by the last ribs.
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