The Sky is NOT the limit ! You are the magician, the creator of your reality. Reality is images of the mind projected. The magic wand is your spine(physical beingness). Your desires are the sparks of light igniting (Shakti) power of creation. Your focus is the direction (Shiva) consciously creating worlds into being. Your dreams are other realities. Existence/Universe/God constantly supports expansion. You are the magic tool, an instrument of the Divine.

Dare you jump from one created reality into anther realm, another timeline in the story you create? Remember you are the director of your life projecting your life’s film images creating what you call “reality”.

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When we are are not consciously creating, manifesting, propelling consciousness and contributing to human-unity, than we exist at best or survive, being actors / victims in someone else’s creation. 
The choice is clear, Universal Existence invites you to in every moment to step up, share your blessings and THRIVE !