Learning to fly: Eagle & Chicken Story: (2 ending versions) Majestic creature gliding gracefully across the sky, Its call haunting the farm animals looking up. The old farmer stalking the bird of prey, approaching its nest, placing one of the eggs in his padded satchel, swiftly returning, placing the warm egg under one of the roosting chickens.

Upon hatching, mother hen protecting her misshapen odd chick from the farm bullies, ridiculing him in the yard.

Old owl watching him, calling “Remember who you really are! You are the king of the birds”. The young chick thinking: “my mother is a chicken, I am that” carrying on scratching in the yard.

A year on, a huge shadow gliding through the yard. The eerie calls are out of his known world. Looking up in awe, the young chick exclaiming: “Woaow, what a magnificent creature ! What is that”?

Version 1) The old wise cockerel rooster answering: “This, my son, is the King of All Birds, He is the Golden Eagle. You will never be able to fly like him, you are nothing but an odd ugly chicken” The young farm eagle lived and died as a chicken that he believed he was.

Version 2) The old wise owl answering: “This, my son, is the King of All Birds, He is the Golden Eagle. Jump on my back NOW. I will take you closer”. The owl and his unique cargo climbing vertically high up in the sky. Suddenly, losing his grip, sliding, free falling through the sky, the young chick startled by his own sounds emanating from the within.

The owl instructing him: “Open your wings and fly !” The young eagle stretching his wings, the wind catching under, lifting him, propelling up, soaring high. Swooping over his old farm yard, calling out loud: “Yes, I am the Golden Eagle, I CAN fly high ! ”

Fly High, The Sky is NOT the Limit !!! 
Live the Life You Love, Live Out Loud & THRIVE !

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