“I reached out to Hanna to harness my feminine power, goddess energy, artistic flow, connection to my chakras, sexual energy, and spirituality.

My first session with Hanna was incredible. I experienced a huge rush of energy, unlocking my creative and sexual energy such that I painted in complete flow for hours post session, a state I haven’t been able to access for over 10 years.

Self love has been an area of development for me for many years, leading to insecurity in romantic relationships which can be very harmful. Post session I felt a sense of empowerment, connected to my feminine energy, and myself. It was beautiful to be connected in that way and know that I deserve everything that the universe can offer. She has given me daily practices to keep this state alive.

I would recommend Hanna as a highly credible and professional coaching practitioner. Hanna provides a safe space, powerful guidance, and a wealth of experience based in multiple training styles and methodologies. You will be giving yourself the best gift by working with her.”

Krishna Artist