Invitation: Be the Tease = “T’s”, PLAY with the magic life force energy. 

1 Ingesting the energy of our love union juices & Eaux De Tantra we generate, can cause “instant” enlightenment. Sharing, drinking energetically, offering to the beloved & the universe, utilising “it” to manifest our vision, activates the Tantric Trans’s “T’s” processes:

The Tantric T’s: Transformation, Transcendence, Transmutation, Transmogrification, Transfiguration

Integrating into our being / life, we transition naturally into the realm of Unity-Consciousness: Living, Breathing, Being Tantra.

Essence of Love by SoolArts on DeviantArt

Tantra is Alchemy, the side effects of Tantric potency comprise: Healing, Rejuvenation, Enhanced Relationships, Better Spirituality & Sensuality & much more. (Practice 1 minutes to Infinity)

2 All is Sacred ! Whiles doing anything from the mundane to the profound tasks & love union. The mantra below reminds us that all is divine, from ablution elimination to meditation prayer, all is sacred. From the YoniVerse new life is born.

3 Affirmation / Mantra: (1 minutes to Infinity)

Aum Ahadi Aum = ओम  सब एक है  ओम = Shalom Echad Shalom שלום אחד שלום = Salam Whachad Salam أهلا مرحبا


Enjoy the journey and Thrive.

Love and Blessings. Namaste

Hanna Tantra Coach, Day 56 Tantra Love Challenge

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