The strength of your ‘Love Muscles will determine the strength of your orgasms and help both men and women become multi orgasmic. 

Your pelvic floor muscles or PC pumps are the Pubo Coccygeal muscles from the pubic bone to coccyx. Sometimes referred to as the Kegel exercise for both Fe/Male,

There are three major sets of muscles – pubic area, genital area and perineum & anus. 

When you first start to work with them you may not feel any difference between them however, as you practice more, you will begin to feel them, identify locality and differentiate between them. 

Here is why it is a great idea to practice and stimulate these muscles daily to achieve results.

7 benefits of your Love muscles, It will:

  1. Create and maintain erection
  2. Male ejaculation control
  3. Strengthen your physical orgasms. This will be determined by the strength of your PC For both the men and women, the strength of your PC muscles will determine the strength of your physical orgasm. The physical orgasm is a contraction of these muscles. Some people who practice this can bring about an orgasm by simply contracting them at will.
  4. Eliminate incontinence later on in life. All men and women with age will become incontinent if they don’t use these muscles. It will help with incontinence symptoms. If you get up in the night several times, or if you leak some urine during the day this will work magic and it does not cost anything!
  5. Prevent prostate cancer.
  6. Core muscles used in many healing exercise modalities such as Alexander technique and Pilates.
  7. Makes you energetically attractive and you become like a supercharged magnet. Energetically charging the Shushumna, the central channel in Yoga. Becoming a magnet attracting what you desire or focus on.

By exercising your PC muscles they will charge you like a magnet – in yoga they are called the Mula Bahnda – the root lock. This is a spiritual lock transmuting raw sexual energy up in the central channel, the Shushumna, and supercharging the energy, creating an effect like a magnet, attracting what you desire.

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By Hanna Katz Tantra teacher and practitioner, Psychosexual and Tantriika . Copyright Hanna Katz 2010. All copy rights reserved.