So It Is Written ! Tantric Lovers Home-Play for Lovers ! Amazing Tantra practice: Writing On The Skin – Veda Meditation – Sacred Scriptures:

1. Create your special Tantric space. There is no where to “get to”, just being fully present & enjoy the benefits. Less is More ! We are moving from the gross to the subtle, cultivating more sensitivity to subtle energies.

2. Shakti / Feminine / Goddess will go first, as the initiator. Honouring Shiva / Masculine / God as a way of teaching how to honour. This also applies for same gender love partners, as one is more connected to the feminine / masculine at the point of the meditation.

3. With your Finger inscribe sacred text on the body of the beloved. Do this with outmost sacredness, as you are writing sacred words on the body of the Divine God/dess.

You may choose extracts for the Vedas which are sacred text, the Old / New Bible, Quran any sacred texts such as the Psalms Song of Songs.

You may use your own poetry, erotic writings. You can write single words such as LOVE or HONOUR in your own language. You may use sacred healing symbols such as Reiki & Karuna.

4. Next do the sacred text writing using a paint brush with water only. This Zen practice of appreciating this moment, with no past.

5. Make sure you are FULLY present with the honouring, there is NO you, you become the painting, honouring the beloved. Allow an hour each way. You can chant or play atmospheric music to transport you to a new realms of sublime exquisite bliss, painting your beloved anew.

Enjoy the benefits & Thrive. Namaste
Copyright Hanna Katz, Hanna Tantra Coach