Invitation: Spontaneity takes a lot of planning. Make Love Your Priority. 

Tantric Dates x 3: (1 minute+ each)

1) Tantric Dates & other food: How do we eat it? Bring mindfulness, ritual & playfulness, savour every bite, texture, aroma, the whole experience. Let the flavours entice / assault / titillate your senses. Create a festival to the taste buds. Notice: how you ingest & experience it.

Allow the flavours to make love to the pelleting chakras, awakening you. (we tend to “hoover” or breath our food mindlessly whiles watching tv etc). Awaken the senses of your beloved, offer food playfully & innovatively.

The Order of Awakening the Senses: Smell, Taste, Touch, Sound, Sight. For the full Awakening The Senses Meditation Ceremony, email me. Play with your food!

2) His-Story: Diary writing anchors & records our sublime Tantric adventure, helps us integrate & assimilate profound experiences. We think we will remember, then life happens, we become a reaction to stimuli / circumstances, dropping out of bliss states.

It could be a wonderful start of a best seller book, you may desire to have a Pen Name. Dare to write or speak to a transcriber (its on every mobile/computer) 

3) Love Time!: Diarising ensures we do Tantric practices. Life always present alternative distractions, sabotaging our time to “transcend” above the personalities, into the transpersonal realms of the divine play of the gods.

Creating Tantric dates is paramount. Manage your time for love to grow. Spontaneity takes a lot of planning. Priorities your spirituality & love relationships (ordinarily we tend to take our beloveds for granted). Spiritual elation is the breath for our soul. Schedule to create more love in your relationship, love yourself & the world.

Thinking we will meditate when we “feel” like it, is the error. Making a daily practice: short appointments/ meditation/ dance etc, alters how we feel during & after.

Diarise, commit to yourself, do it & you will Thrive. Write now what you are taking onboard to creating, what action to be done & by when, add to calendar. Set alarms, treat it as THE most important appointment in your life. It really is ! Tantric Date with Love!

4) Affirmation / Mantra: (1 minute to Infinity)

Aum Ahh Hum / Aum Ahh Hung – Purifies our environment  all beings, brings Clarity. Tibetan Mantra. 

Aum / Om – essence of formless forms, sound of the whole universe. 

Ahh – essence of creative sound, surrendering & assimilating/ tasting the goodness of life 

Hum – essence of mind.

Hung – “I Am That”, anchoring into the depth of our being, Base chakra activates power


Enjoy the journey and Thrive, Rising in Love.

Love and Blessings. Namaste

Hanna Tantra Coach,, Day 44 Tantra Love Challenge

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