Super-Charge Your Super-Consciousness and release your Super-Human-Ness (Ness=Miracle of the Hue of Wo/man). You are the Hero on this precious rock we call home/earth.

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“Man can be understood only by ascending from physics, chemistry, biology, and geology. In other words, he is first of all a cosmic problem”. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

The limits of your imagination is self imposed when we allow the voices of others to internalise. When we believe the imaginary boundaries of what is possible to supress our truth. Like the goose trapped in the pen even when the walls are removed, untill the “goose is out” ! or the elephant tethered by the slightest of threads as it was trained in infancy.

It is time to let go of all that you think you know about yourself and your world construct, nothing is real unless you determine it so. Your brain capacity to regenerate and grow new connections is beyond our comprehension. Your potential is truly infinite and unlimited.

What you said was impossible you can transform in an instant, at a heart beat and say “I Am Possible” and go create magic in your world.

Think about it, A few years back the cloud was wisps of accumulated droplets, Now we refer to the cloud as a virtual place to store so much information. A thing that would be incomprehensible i the past is now possible and everyday reality. this was someones dream that materialised. It also has originating ideas in the esoteric realms of Akasha / Akashic records.
We create the reality where spirituality meats science. Sat Nam Wahi Guru / Sat Nav Where To Go…