Smile ! The First Miracle Is You ! Daily Smiling is a most profound healing and abundance practice. Try it, enjoy the benefits and THRIVE ! Practice: 
Cultivating the Taoist practice of the ’Inner smile’ is a superb daily health promotion. In the morning, take few moments to focus your attention without being distracted by external stimuli. Simply go inwards with your attention, and deliberately scan through your body and organs.
Start from the base chakra in the perineum, between the anus and the genitals. Travel with your awareness and intention all the way up to the crown chakra at the top of your head. The key is to smile at your organs, limbs and being. This may take a few seconds, or you can indulge in longer meditation enjoying the calmness that permeates through your whole being as you cultivate this profound, yet simple, self healing practice.
This amazing vehicle, the temple of your soul, is your divine human body. This simple practice will transform your health and your sense of well-being. It will also transform the way you perceive the world and people throughout the day. 
You can bathe them in your mind’s eye, in gold and silver light. Invite them to breath in gold and silver into their being. Internally call them by their name. You may visualise, feel, taste or hear the experience. 
We all have different ways of perceiving the world. Some people are predominantly kinaesthetic and tactile; they can feel what the sense gives them. Touch and feelings are their doorway to access their being. Touch is the way they interpret the world. If you invite a kinaesthetic person to focus on a sense of fruit in their hand, they may report feeling the texture or the weight of that fruit.

Some people perceive the world in pictures as they are predominantly visual. They can see the colours, shapes and lighting. They can easily conjure up an image in their minds eye and could construct images. A few people can even detect with their naked eye infra red and ultra violet colours, which are on both ends of the “rainbow” colour spectrum.
Some individuals experience by taste, some by smell. They are predominantly olfactory. Many chefs and perfumers are gifted with this ability. Some individuals are fortunate to be able to taste colour, this is called neurological synaesthesia.
An auditory person would perceive the world predominantly through sound and have the gift of being sensitive to sounds, music, even the sounds of the universe and words. They possess acute sense of hearing. The spoken word or music can ignite their imagination and could turn them on, and they have the tendency to be great thinkers or musicians.

Some individuals are gifted with a clear all pervasive ‘knowing’. Others use any combination of these sensory tools. When interacting with others, listen and pay attention to the language they use to describe things, this will give you clues as to what sense is predominating.
Working with tantric meditations and with other tools described in this book, will help you to balance and open up to the possibilities of the other senses. When a memory is triggered, the other senses will be switched on and activated. In the case of a trauma release, they may shut down and close in response. The more you work consciously with the senses, the more you will be able to tune into and detect sensitive subtle energies.