The Third eye, The sixth chakra, Ajna is traditionally regarded as the feminine positive chakra, though the secret male aspect of this chakra is in the Occiput, the Medulla Oblongata, where the spine enters the skull. This chakra is regarded in the new age schools as the intuition centre though not in the original tantric texts, where traditionally it is the seat of wisdom, consciousness and awareness. It is representing the formless, spaciousness. Associated with the pituitary glands.

The seed syllable Mantra is Ang or Tzang. It is the command
centre of the Guru – the bringer of enlightenment or spiritual
guide, or a modern day Guru such as Psychotherapist shedding light on things. The chakra is located in between the eye brows.
Represented by two petals and the shape of the full moon. It is
associated with the ‘Manas’ or Mind Tattva. The image is white
in color. Shakti and Shiva in union, the God and Goddess Hakni

The qualities are grace and respect. The color of the chakra in the body is purple or violet. It is about the ability to ‘see’ and
connect to the collective unconsciousness, the universal wisdom.
This chakra is responsible for balancing and harmonizing the time and space continuum.

Some new age schools regard the mind and the ego as a hindrance and advocate for their dissolution, while some call to ‘slay’ the ego, that it is not helpful for our spiritual evolution. If fact, as we strengthen our ‘spiritual muscles’ we stretch our super ego. The ego is the bridge to the Self, you need to strengthen it in order to let it go, which is a paradox. The ego helps us function in life.

To assist in understanding the beneficial aspects of the ego, it will be helpful to look at the work of Ken Wilber. There are three
broad realms in Ken Wilber modality The Pre-Personal, where most conventional therapy aims to produce a functioning adult in the world; The Personal, which extends that to become a fuller broader human being including eMottions, creativity and the spirit; and The Transpersonal, is the realm of spiritual practices aiming to allow the realisation of Oneness with the divine or unity consciousness. Each person will experience each of these states in varying degrees during the day, depending on their eMottional states as they experience life.

The West with its winning blend of consumerism and
individualism turns everything into a form of therapy and
ultimately a narcissistic enterprise, as it has with yoga and now
with Tantra. Tantra is a spiritual path, but again from Wilber,
spirituality means different things for people who are at different
stages of consciousness. In India, probably much Tantra was, and still is, primarily at the level of superstition offering protection
from ‘evil’ and help to gain advantage. For this reason, as well as
the residue of India’s long history of puritan occupation, tantriks
in India today are synonymous with black magic and death and
are considered very unsavoury characters. Spiritual practice, particularly if it includes the body, is a preparation for death and this further increases suspicion.

For any letting go is a death of the small self with which we can
easily identify. Ego is in the realm of pre-personal and personal
development, Ken Wilber’s model of human spiritual evolution.
The Self or dissolution to all that Is, is in the realm of the
transpersonal, where Tantra is positioned alongside Christianity,
Buddhism, Judaism, etc, all teachings that are calling for unity consciousness. Sadly, many do not live up to the ideal of their

We have different roles on the levels of personality, like the
clothes we wear. They are how we tend to identify ourselves,
but can change with time and circumstance. They mask our
vulnerabilities layer, consciously or not. Behind these layers lies
our true essence, our Divinity, where the Buddha, Allah, Elohim,
the Shchina or Shakina or the Christ within resides. This is who
we really are, beyond personalities and stories and identification
with thoughts, events or possessions.

Our true essence, our light is always there, we just need to remember and allow ourselves to see and reconnect with our light and the connection to all that is. It is through bringing awareness and consciousness that we dissolve the ego. Awareness is the platform upon which all life plays its fascinating games. The dance of Shakti (the Goddess, feminine) is on the platform of Shiva (The God, Masculine)

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