Image result for hamsa mudraPeople always ask me for mantras to help with self acceptance. Am so honoured to share this amazing simple yet so profound mantra, This mantra is with us all the time, we just need to tune into it.

So Ham” or “Ham So“, meaning: Am That I Am, I surrender and Accept All that I am, All That I Was, All That I Will Choose To Be. ( I Forgive, Accept and Love Myself).

Practice: Breathing in, silently chanting the “So“, Exhaling out internally chanting “Ham“.  You can also chant the other way, Breathing in chanting silently “Ham“, exhaling silently “So“. Notice the effects on your being, your life, perceptions, and allow the sound to resonant and work its magic within you. Picture depicting the “Hamsa” used in Hebrew, Arabic and Hindu traditions. 

Mantras are transcendental sounds, producing specific responses in the physical body. The power is in the sound, not the meaning of the word, though the meaning is loaded with potent creative power. These sounds and chants can be whispered, sang, meditated, celebrated and integrated to allow their blessings permeate our lives. Creating Love, joy, and healing, resolving ailments and Karma, as well as affluence and abundance and The power of creation is in the sound ! 

Some ancient Sanskrit texts say there is no Tantra without mantra! Mantras are sacred sounds that activate energy and consciousness within the body.The use of mantras, chants or affirmations is a vital ingredient in Tantra, they can be in any language, traditional mantras and blessings were in Aramaic, Arabic, Hebrew, Sanskrit and Latin. Man meaning Mind and Tra meaning Quiet.

Embodying a mantra or affirmation is an important part of a daily tantric practice. You can chant, sing or whisper either in your language or in the ancient sacred languages. The sounds have energetic resonance and they affect our energy and our physicality.When you chant while honoring your partner, you penetrate the core of their being without them needing to understand the meaning of the words, they receive the transmission of the energy.

Repeating a mantra will enable us to tune inwards, becoming still in our minds and lead to a growing awareness of the subtle energies around. Mantras cultivate serenity.  Mantras can be chanted or sang audibly and can also be silent internal vibrational resonance.

When a sound vibration is internalised, resonating within, it generates power. Another way to use a chant mantra is on exhalation, vocalise the mantra, creating a vibration that originates in the physical body. On inhalation, internalise the mantra. The silent mantra will reverberate in the etheric body. The sound mantra on exhalation awakens and uses the Shakti Kundalini energy, manifesting in the etheric resonance, realising the power of the chakra.

Related imageIn the Tantra Kriya Yoga, (Kriya means action, breaking through blockages), we talk about the sound that life creates which is the “So Ham”. It is said that the sound our blood makes is the “So Ham”. In Tantra Kriya Yoga when we practice the Yoni Mudra, and breathing in through alternating nostrils, we hear the sound of life, universe the blood makes internally and thus activating the “Gods Head” in the Cave of Brahma, which is an advanced practice.

“So Ham”  or  “Ham So” Divine Feminine quality soft effect Mantra, a silent-internal mantra, visualise breathing up & down the Inner Tube. The direction of breathing & mantra will change. Meaning : I surrender and accept all that I am.

“Hong Sau” : a Divine Masculine quality mantra, a silent-internal mantra, the internal sound produced by breathing. Visualise breathing up & down the Inner Tube. The direction of breathing & mantra will change. Hong Sau (Hong on inhalation) will produce a sense of intoxication. Some claim astral flying is possible with this breath and meditation.

“Sau Hong” : Warrior / Masculine quality mantra: a silent-internal mantra, visualise breathing up & down the Inner Tube. The direction of breathing & mantra will change. (Sau on inhalation) Balancing and Grounding.

More from my “Sacred Chants and Mantras” book to be publish very soon !

Enjoy the Kriyas practices.. Namaste