Unzip Our Spiritual Diving Suits: Calling קריאה Our Divine Spark ניצוצות to Shine‎ – Love Challenge Day 53

Unzip Our Spiritual Diving Suits: Calling קריאה Our Divine Spark ניצוצות to Shine‎ – Love Challenge Day 53

Invitation: Unzip our “diving suits” (ego) to reveal our divine light. Be the paint brush of inspiration! Be the Magician Seducing the Powers of Nature! Create breakthroughs by taking any ACTION today. Allow our divine inner Light to shine!

1 “Cosmic Drama” unfolds through us. We are the Divine Sparks of Light = Nitzutzot haKodesh = הקודש ניצוצות‎. Tantra / Kabbalah is a Cosmology, the realm of Unity Consciousness, embracing every aspect of our human expression.

What action are we taking onboard, starting the process of us thriving? Any small action inter-woven with awareness, walk /dance/ start on that business, gets us closer to accomplishing our goals & living our lives’ purpose, now.

We're All Spiritual Light Beings Of Divine Consciousness !...Love Is Eternal Energy Flowing Magically From Within Us !.… | Spiritual art, Spirituality, Divine lightThe divine sparks of light miracles is whom we really are. Breath it in, taking that in. Exhaling, surrender to our “call”:

  1. What is “Desiring” to be expressed through us?
  2. What is Wishing to Emerge & Emanate Through Us? The clue is what we crave & long to receive from “others”, is ours to give/be !
  3. Write it down, speak it, act upon it today.

“Play practice” on three levels:

  1. Theoretical intellectual mind “games”
  2. Meditative integrating & accepting
  3. Participate in engaging in Active “Magical” Creation.

Kabbalah is the European Spiritual Alchemy, Tantra in India it is a science of cosmology & Magic. Tantra weaves energy & consciousness, transcending our egos’ limitations.

2 The Calling – Emerging Action קריאה Kriya:

Artists know they are “tools”, instruments of the divine, the paint brush of inspiration (“Inspiritus” in Latin = God Within) working through us, desiring to emerge, to be expressed. All we need to do it enable & “surrender” to the process (or resist & suffer procrastination /self doubt/ lack of worthiness etc). The “shuttering” of the ego enable us to unzip our “diving suits” (personality/ego) to reveal divine light shining through.

Like an apple tree yearning to emerge from the seed, the full apple tree potentiality is latent inside. In nourishing environments conducive to its emergence, it will grow and flourish, occurring as if by magic. נביעה = Emanating / Welling Up from the Within. it’s innate nature is to thrive & abound, giving to ALL unconditionally.

Action = Asiyah = עשיה is the key to transforming ourselves, our reality as we know it. Kriya (Yoga) = Action, Breaking through blockages. Kriya קריאה is the Calling giving rise to the “Realms” = Olamot עולמות‎ in Kabbalah קבלה.

Kriya = The Calling קריאה, giving rise to evolution process. All Potentiality emerges within:

(0) “Primordial (hu)Man” = Adam Kadmon אָדָם קַדְמוֹן.

(1) Atzilut = Emanation (nobility)= נביעה = אצילות, Divine Realm.

(2) Briyah = Creation = בריאה, Spirit Realm.

(3) Yetzirah = Formation = יצירה, Psyche Realm.

(4) Asiyah = Action = עשיה (Kriya Yoga), Physical Realm, manifest world.

3 Moment of Kabbalah (received knowledge) רגע של קבלה: in the realm of All Potentiality, comprising of the two complimenting / contradictory realms: 1) the World of Chaos = Olam HaTohu עוֹלָם הַתֹּ֫הוּ‎ & 2) the Realm of Order & Mending = Olam HaTikun עוֹלָם הַתִקוּן‎.

This realm of Tohu-Tikun is the originating source of all potentiality, giving rise to Free Will רצון חופשי = Ratzon Chufshi & the Realm of Shells (“evil” aspects within us) =קליפה Kelipah.

The “act” of “Shattering of the Vessels” = Shevirat HaKelim שבירת הכלים‎, of Chaos Tohu, is the process of spiritual & physical “exile” & our “redemption” resulting in World Correction = Tikun Olam עוֹלָם הַתִקוּן. Our Divine Sparkes Of Light, “exiled”/hidden dormant within us = Nitzutzot Kodesh = קודש ניצוצות‎.

4 Affirmation / Mantra: (2 minute to Infinity)

So Ham = I Am That = Hineni הנני


Enjoy the journey and Thrive.

Love and Blessings. Namaste

Hanna Tantra Coach, Day 53 Tantra Love Challenge

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