Second Chakra Swadhisthana, known as the sacral centre, is called Svadhisthana or Swadhisthana chakra. It is situated around the internal reproductive organs and abdomen below the navel. Orange is the associated color. The second chakra is associated with adrenal glands and our fluidity, vitality, health, balance and ease in our being.

In the Cabbalistic tradition this chakra is related to the Yesod Sefira, the foundation. It is the source of Kriya Shakti – action energy for breaking through blockages.

This chakra is usually regarded as a feminine positive chakra, as it has the capacity to grow when carrying a child. It is the point of our source and origin.

It represents stability and is where our balance centre, the Hara or Dan-Tien is located. Known as the energy command centre, the second chakra is the centre of creativity, the seat of “eMottions” (energy in motion) and our fluidity of being.

It is our energetic umbilical cord connection to our mother and our ancestry. It is associated with the element of water and the sense of taste.

The seed syllables for the second chakra mantra are Wang, Vang, Bam, Bham, Nam, Yam, Ram, or Lam.

It is represented by the mythical ‘Makara’ half-alligator, half-fish and depicted as a half moon.

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