The sequence: 
Allow at least two hours preferably open-ended one way, On another occasion the roles alternate. 
Consort gives an awakening massage to the “Royal Highness”
Royal Highness opens crown Chakra and starts speaking desires they wish as they arise, these can be anything from cup of tea to speaking words to massage etc. 
Consort fulfills whatever is required / desired by RH
If Consort uncomfortable with a request they can say respectfully: “I am sorry your Highness, I am unable to fulfill this desire, is there anything else you desire?”
When there is no more desire arising, the RH declares this complete and thank the consort
Royal Highness meditates on “What Is the Nature of Desire”
Consort meditate on the question “What Is Love?”

Enjoy the practices and the blessings they bestow (should you choose to actually do them…)

Love and blessings. Namaste.

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