RISE IN LOVE ! COMPERSION (“LEFARGEN” לפרגן) = Celebrating other’s happiness. Bestowing them praise. Deriving pleasure & marvelling in others’ success. (Even when we’re not experiencing it directly) Ultimately it’s y/ours, as we are all ONE. It is possible for us to experience this too, in/directly through others.

Scarcity mindset results in being consumed with destructive reactions, reenacting anger, jealousy, control, unconscious survival tactics. Due to being unable to contain & sooth our emotions, allowing our identification with these transient emotions to define who we are.

Take a breath, exhale. All it is is a perfect mirror, what we need to let go, forgive ourselves & others. Choose to respond “response-ability”, not “re-act”. Then you regain your power.

Remember: “I Am Not Who You Say I Am; You Are Who You Say I Am ” !

I am You, You are Me, We are One, Always have been, always will be.

Perfect song (call & response):
“I release & I let go,
All my troubles & my strife
I let spirit guide my light
I’m here for Love”

Live the Life You Love, Live Out Loud & THRIVE !

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