Invitation: With Your Light, Ignite Other’s Light To Shine. Ready for the “12 steps Into Tantric” Transcendent Transformation?!

1) “Stargate” Secret Ascension Practice: סוד המרכבה / Sod HaMerkava (8 minute to Infinity & Beyond) Warning: Hardcore esoteric practice. Avoid if you are a “WanABe” “Tantric Tourist” ! Suitable to all daring to transcend above our encumbering egos…After all, we are LightPlayers Miracle workers. We emit light all the time on this plane of existence. Shining our light onto our own “darkness” is where “real” & lasting transformation occurs. Simply intend. Our “Shadows” appear within our Light, though the purifying flame casts NO shadow ! Our spiritual light ignites others, thus their divine Spark of Light is activated, enabling them to “wake up” to their “true” nature, whom they always have been, always will be.

The Mercava / Mercaba / THE Vehicle of Transformation is our body, the vehicle of our soul in this journey/ lifetime. The main “Universal Star-Gate” to self-realisation is from the WITHIN. Notice when we meander away, refocus our intension. What we focus on, we get/ reach/ manifest as our experienced reality. Activating the Golden Merkaba, Earth Healing Retreat | Elemental Beings Online Shop - Elemental Beings

Increasing “our” light reach, transcends Space-Time (self limiting) “constraints”. All we are to “do” is be willing to open our being-ness (Ness= miracle נֵס), allowing ourselves to receive. As we allow the light to permeate us, once satiated, we overflow, cascading light/ love energy, blessing/ splashing all, in our awareness “Vicinity”. Our light amplifies & magnifies the blessings. Be “Intelligently selfish” & receive “in order to” benefit ALL. The more we have, the more we can give.

2) As we Inhale = Taking Divine Spirit/God Within (Inspiritus in Latin). Exhale = Surrendering To Spirit (Espiritus in Latin), to who we really are. Do this consciously. “Ordinarily” we can focus on one “thing” for less then 60 seconds before our minds meander. This preliminary practice hones our “spiritual muscles”.  

3) “Tratak”  is another supporting practice, can be done by gazing upon a flame at eye level, then closing eyes, “seeing” the flame in our minds’ eye. Use a candle, & YES, there are UTube videos of candles ! Use an affirmation reminding that we are of/the light, our shadows are part of us/ the light. Embracing & accepting ALL aspects of our being. In our mind’s eye we can activate, thus igniting others, reaching, connecting all across the globe. 

4) Secret Ascension Meditation: Hardcore Practice, not for the faint hearted…here it come: 

Warning: This practice opens up new realities! This highly advanced practice is profound beyond the beyond, enabling us to access & tap Universal Bliss at will. Can be done as individual practice, as a couple, or collective group. Start as individual first, or sit opposite your beloved. Ensure your body “knows” how to do the practice. Once you have “mastered” the practice, within a few minutes, you can turn back to back, leaning on the beloved, placing “Bindu” points together. (Bindu at the back of the head, where Brahmans have the tuft of hair)

Do one element of the stages at a time, then add another. It is like adding cake ingredients, one at a time after the “egg whites” are whisked. It may occur as complex when reading all at once. Practice stage 1 prior to stage 2. Once you practice as designed, it will be integrated, assimilated & experienced as natural as breathing, walking & talking at the same time. Or like driving a car, whilst negotiating peddles, avoiding road users, complying with traffic rules & talking / listening, chowing gum & thinking about other “stuff”, all at the very same time. We have amazing innate “multi-tasking” abilities.

5) Part 1: Stage 1 Breath – The 4 Points of Entry in the head

Inhale the silent sound of the letter ”Yud” “י”, Breathing first “Base” of the upward pyramid, the crown is top of the head. Inhale into the head as if Golden light is penetrating into the centre of the head – the “Cave Of Brahma” (Major Pineal gland). Via the:

4 points of entry: (1)the 3rd Eye (small pineal gland), (2) the occiput (where the spine enters the skull, the “command centre” of Stem brain) & (3 & 4) either side top of the ears (trigeminal / fifth cranial nerve). As we inhale touch & connect these points with our fingers. Middle finger of one hand touching the 3rd eye and top or ear, the other hand thumb touching the occiput and top of the ear, this inscribing the “first base” of the upward pyramid. 

On inhalation, clench the PC (Pubo-Coccygeal) muscles, the Moola Band root lock. Inhaling, tilt head slightly forward, apply chin lock, Jalandhara bandha. 

Exhale the silent sound of the letter “Hey” “ה”. On exhaling touch the crown, as if out of the crown energy blowing out the top, like a blow hole of a whale. Imagine the energy cascading all around you. Release all locks. Cascading Silver on exhalation, washing all internally & onto the core of the earth.

6) Part 2: Stage 2 Breath – The “higher” 4 Points of Entry in the head

Inhale golden energy, the silent sound of the letter “Vav” “ו”. into the second “Base” of a downward facing pyramid, slightly above the first “base”, connecting the “4th Eye” (centre of forehead in the Aura, energy body) & “5th Eye”, the “Inner Guru” (top of forehead), the “Bindu”, (“falling of the drop” at the back of the head), & at the “Temples”, (level with eyes & about 2.5m/1 inch above top of the ears).

On inhalation touch these points by fingers of one hand connecting 5th eye (top of forehead) & 1 temple, the other hand connecting temple and Bindu. Tighten the PC muscles, the Moola Band root lock. Inhaling, tilt head slightly forward, apply chin lock, Jalandhara bandha. 

Exhale the silent sound of the letter “Hey” ה as exhaling energy downwards to the heart chakra or the base chakra. Release all locks. Cascading Silver on exhalation, washing all internally & onto the core of the earth.

7) Stage3: Master Switches 

Choose one of the following “switches”, to empower the “transporting” meditation:

7.1) 3rd Eye Master Switch: Tongue towards 3rd Eye activates Pineal Gland, Amrita flow, The point of Origins, Ajna bandha connecting Lalana chakra, Vishudhi chakra & the third eye, apply on INHALATION. Let go on EXHALATION.

7.2) Crown Akasha Switch: Towards the Crown for Divine Communion, connection with the cosmos, with Akasha / Akashic Records / Universal Knowledge, apply on INHALATION. Let go on EXHALATION.

7.3) Ketchari Mudra tongue towards the occiput. “Ke Chara” = Creates Space for Movement through our Shushumna, Central Channel from Base to Crown. It produces natural opiates, affording us access to experience such as natural DMT, LSD & Ecstasy produced within our own brain. Can apply to both inhale & exhale.

8) Stage 4: Sacred Signs – Mudras are the Sacred gestures, the language of the Divine. Add this mudra once you got in the body the breath, once you “feel” or “know” the Points of Entry. 

Vishnu Mudra: Gesture of The Protector. Empowers / Amplifies Meditation. Vishnu Mudra Empowers Meditation, Brings more Awareness, Speaking Truth, Love, compassion, Empathy, Entraining / Merging with Others, Creativity, Connection & Groundedness ! How to do the Vishnu Mudra see video below.

9) Activating the Yin Point under the chin comes with responsibility ! {REFRAIN from putting your mind on loudspeaker ! Venting your feelings is “vomitising”, impacting & always leaves a residue. Deal with yourself ! Ask yourself: Is what I am about to say empowers others? Is it for the benefit of ALL? or is it for my venting as an attempt to feel better, re-enacting a pattern}

10) Final Stage 5: “Cave Of Brahma”, ultimate “Stargate”, Universal “Launch Pad” 

“Walk” through into new realms. The “universal stargate” is located at the centre of the brain, the major pineal gland. It is the Entry point to the “Universe” through the “Cave Of Brahma”, where the whole Universe opens up enhancing: Intuition, 6th sense & “plugging” into the collective consciousness/ “the Matrix”, are only part of the “side effects” benefits.

This practice is cultivating ease of access into thee realms of magical alchemy. like learning to fly a hang-glider, where we ARE part of the “A” frame. Affording us the ability to perceive & download information from the “Beyond” Akasha, & our discerning relationship to the world. Focusing on the “Stargate” may have some of the “side effects” of “Clairvoyance (seeing), clairsentience (sensing), clairaudience (hearing) & claircognizance (knowing), accessing with ease the “Akashic Records”.

11) The Cave of Brahma is beyond the physical “flatland” of “Three dimensionality” “reality”. Even further beyond the “Fourth” dimension of Space/Time. It is within the transpersonal transcendent realm of the “OneNess”, the 5th Dimensionality. as the Universal “Launch Pad”. Dive into the Fertile Void Within, becoming the “Skydancer” Wisdom God/dess Daka/Dakini.

Be mindful what we intend during this meditation ! Focus on planet earth, or space allows us to “know” beyond our limited timeline. If we focus on identity & misery we amplify that. We have responsibility using this most powerful tool. Are you ready to really transform, surrounding to all that you are?

12) Affirmation / Mantra: (1 minute to Infinity)

12.1) י.ה.ו.ה. = Yud Hey Vav Hey. These are the letter making up the name of Divine God. Inhale the letter ”Yud” י, Exhale the Letter “Hey” ה. Inhale the letter “Vav” ו, Exhale “Hey” ה

12.2) Gate gate, Para Gate, Gara Sum Gate, Bodhi Swaha”, Beyond the Beyond, I salute “The Awakened One” (You)


Enjoy the journey and Thrive, Rising in Love. Happy Diwali festival of light. 

Love and Blessings. Namaste

Hanna Tantra Coach, Day 48 Tantra Love Challenge

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