Push Your Sacred Cow Over The Cliff ! This is a spiritual story many cultures teach it, thus read: Teacher=Rabbi=Tibetan Buddhist Monk= Imam. (Use Googlly Muggly translate if you need to understand some words)

A spiritual teacher and a devoted student walked a pilgrimage on a remote mountain. Suddenly they stumbled upon a clearing high up and saw poor skinny and very subdued villagers sat huddled around a small fire for dinner with little straw huts for shelter.

The villagers invited the visitors to join them for a very meagre meal comprising of milk porridge. They told their guests that they have only cow that provides for the whole family and they just about manage to survive all these years. They sale the cheese and butter to the neighbours, though she is very old and are afraid not knowing how they will survive when she dies.

Upon retiring to bed, the teacher commanded the student to go and push the cow over the cliff precipice. The student was dismayed, protesting yet carried out the instruction. They left early morning before the family arose.

Couple of years later, the student become a teacher. Filled with remorse he travelled to make amends and ease his conscious. Upon arrival he saw a thriving village large stone houses, heard children playing and singing. Approaching the well dressed and full of vitality man who looked like he was the master of household or the village Muktar (crowned) leader, the teacher enquired as to what has befallen upon the family who lived here before.

The man full of vitality and stature replied that this is his family village they have always been here. The teacher asked what transpired, as couple of years back he visited and they were so poor and desperate.

The man replied that they had only the one cow, their livelihood, providing for the whole village. The night the visitors passed by, their sacred cow fell over the cliff.

He carried on saying: “This was the blessing we needed” They had to take immediate action, create new skills, innovate so they will be able to live. Now they are thriving. He added: ” It was the best thing that has ever happened to us” !

Are you ready to push your sacred cow over the cliff? The sacred cow is our comfort zone and fears (fear keeps us from thriving) that stopping us from letting go into the unknown.

Take the leap of faith, take the action you have been procrastinating about and THRIVE !

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