Spiritual Tantric Cookery for the Mind, Body & Soul Secret Recipes to Enchant Your Beloved, by the Naked Tantric Chef Hanna Tantra. Mantras, Yantras, Chakras & much more. “Food to die for!” Fritz Curzon Photographer Layout & Editing by Nya Gregor Fleron Foreword by Alan Steinfeld: “Author and tantrika Hanna Katz is the embodiment of passion, a true woman whose heart is set on bringing joy to the world.
She has now put her tantric attention into what really turns most people on: FOOD. Like all her books, Ms. Hanna’s dedication is to the beauty and the divine source of creation inside all of us. With her work we find we are not merely spirits embodied, we are spirits as the body. There is nothing juicier than a Goddess alive with flavor and spice, as we find in the latest gifts of offering the divine arts to the public. Hanna show us the way we can use our physicality to make peace with the all in all.
Everything we put into this temple nourishes the body and soul. This is not a dry cookbook, it is alive with meaning and ritual. Cooking from a tantric perspective is union with the divine. As Hanna lays out in all its glorious manifestations; with love, care and ceremony – Food becomes the nectar of the Gods. And those gods are us -learning to nourish our manifesting selves in the most natural and good tasting ways. Cooking with Hanna will offer you some fabulous wisdom.
You will taste the honey of the nectar and explore the sensuality of divine sensations. She nourishes her readers, friends and family. Food will never taste the same again. Hanna knows how to feed your heart and soul. Eat your way up the chakras until you are enlightened; regurgitate your essence out of the crown and awaken into a newrealities. Her secret ingredients are special Sanskrit chants, that vibrate into every creation. With mantra, yantra and tantra cooking brings you to Nirviana. Devour it in bliss. Digest it all in Satori. The only condiments you need are love, as the heart felt appreciation for existence. To find out more about the magical secret ingredients, read through every chapter and savor every word.
The door to the kingdom could lay in your mouth, what better way is there to realise the alchemy of creation that is within us. Feed yourself as the beloved that exist besides you and inside you. The body is your sacred temple and there is no better way to honor that than with her Spiritual Tantric Cookery, suck it up and enjoy”. Alan Steinfeld, founder of a portal for the divine arts of consciousness., “Hanna is the traditional Jewish matriarch, who nourishes her Tantric clients with food as well as spiritual fare. She is also a Tantric Goddess, who shares her knowledge and experience of the unconventional world of Tantra, as applied to love and relationships. Her food is cooked with love, and her secret ingredients include singing and mantras.
To find out more about the magical secret ingredients, you’ll have to buy this book! But I can reveal that her book will strip away the layers covering hidden esoteric ingredients. You may not always get the allusions, or appreciate the taste in word-play, but loved ones will definitely appreciate the love play that goes into these recipes. If you get the magic right, you can enchant your Beloved with these delectable dishes!” Cassandra Lorius MA PGDip, Sex Therapist, Author This book will change your life forever; in the kitchen, in the bedroom, and with God. This book is unique; the first of its kind! It is a magical book of tantric secrets that will transport you into a new reality, a transcendent state of divine communion through intention and action…into a language of unconditional love and communion. The magic and love created with the secret ingredients are so sacred and this is a direct transmission of knowledge, propelling all aspects of your life, when you apply this into practice, as you prepare the delicacies.