In this unique book you will learn about three secret chakras, the secret Sefira in the Cabbalist Tree of Life, how to apply it to everyday life and much more, to enhance your vitality, creativity and abundance. The Chakras are the energy centres that are subtle portals connecting between the ethereal and the physical bodies. They are wheels of energy acting as an access point to the Macrocosm. Activating these centres will open the flow of cosmic energy through your being. Enhance your physical energy, creativity, compassion, wisdom and more will be unleashed and amplified simply by looking at these pictures and sitting in meditation concentrating on these qualities. Attaining bliss and accomplishment of your purpose are the side effects of meditating on these chakras. Allow your magnificence to shine through. Also in this book you will learn about sacred Mantras from to enhance your vitality, abundance and unconditional Love. Some ancient Sanskrit texts say there is no Tantra without mantra! Mantras are sacred sounds that activate energy and consciousness within the body. The use of mantras, chants or affirmations is a vital ingredient in Tantra, they can be in any language, traditional mantras and blessings were in Aramaic, Arabic, Hebrew, Sanskrit and Latin. Man meaning Mind and Tra meaning Quiet. From the Hay House Balboa Press Author Hanna Katz-Jelfs and presenter. Hanna is a producer of meditation CDs Trans Mantra music CDs, established leading international facilitator and film producer /director.