It is through the act of connecting with another that we come fully into our aliveness. However in our alienated societies, we have forgotten who we are and how to be with each other. A book like ‘Tantric Honouring Rituals for Lovers’ comes along at this time, in this digital age because we need to relearn about the very essence of who we are. Our nature is to be giving and nurturing beings. Rituals are the food we need to nourish our body and soul.
These simple acts of honouring, gives feeling to our lives and through feeling we derive meaning. Hanna has created a guide to knowing the body as symbol of love for honouring the hearts and souls of our lovers as the physical embodiment of the God and Goddess within.” (Alan Steinfeld, TV Host) Hanna’s book ‘Tantric Lovers Honouring Rituals’ provides detailed instructions for setting the scene, and approaching your lover’s body with reverence, demonstrating the mapping of the subtle anatomy of the energy body in the process of deepening pleasure and awakening sexual ecstasy.
While it is hard to convey the experience, Hanna’s comprehensive books describe the best ways to cultivate an attitude of honouring as well as offer techniques, so that your partner can surrender to the deep pleasure you offer during genital massage. Keep practicing, until you glimpse the precious world Hanna is offering you – one that will change your experience of sex, forever.” (Cassandra Lorius, Author, MA, PGDip Porterbrook NHS)
This book provides you with visual demonstration which you can implement immediately in your intimacy. You may wish to learn more in depth about the reasoning behind certain practices, these are conveyed in the first book, Tantric Lovers; Making your relationship last, publish by Hay House – Balboa Press. This book was written to share with you specific techniques of profound teachings, life affirming benefits of tantric honouring rituals; and also to help educate our society in the magical and transformative ways of tantra. This book is a practical manual, second book in the Tantric Lovers series, following the first book Tantric Lovers; making your relationship last. I share with you a sequence and techniques to bring bliss, healing and pleasure into your life and the lives of the people you touch. Tantric rituals are an act of worship and a devotional practice that weaves together sexuality and spirituality. This book will provide you with profound tools that will enhance your intimate relationships and help you to honor and worship the divine within your love partner through sacred touch, generosity of intention and tantric rituals.
The emphasis is on honoring the body of the God or the Goddess standing or lying in front of you. The body is perceived as a divine is regarded as the temple of the soul. It is a dance of energy, of giving and receiving, a joint meditation through touch. It touches the core of our being, the Soul. The book will help you expands and liberating the joy of the soul, freeing our energy to flow all over the whole body. Experience basking in an oceanic feeling, riding waves of bliss. People describe the feeling they experience as a taste of grace descending. You may touch spaciousness that is beyond time and space, as if you are space itself. Touch nourishes the body and the soul and it quietens the mind. It enables a profound healing to take place naturally and effortlessly.
This book is a gift to all that are open to grow and experience bliss and intimacy that transcends beyond the ordinary into the realms of the extra-ordinary. I offer it so that we can change and embrace all aspects of our being and celebrate healthy sexuality as it permeates all aspects of our life remembering the divinity within each and every one of us. This book is suitable for all open-minded people who are ready to explore new realms and transcend above the mundane, propelling their sexual and spiritual connection to new heights. Blessings and Namaste Hanna