Couple Tantra Coaching (2 hours)


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  • 21-Jan-2021
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Private Coaching Available at the Comfort of Your Own Home for an Intensive Tantric Teaching/Initiations, where we will work with you as a couple and individually guiding you with healing, and meditations intensively to Resolve any stuck places & Provide You With The Experiences & Practices to Thrive in Life & Relationships;

Hanna Focus on You Specifically With Wide Range of Techniques. Hanna Has More than 40 years of Spiritual Practice & Personal Growth Work with Professional Training in Tantra, Kabbalah, Coaching, Counselling, Psycho-Sexual Therapy, Reiki, Couples Therapy to EFT, as well as Many Years of Authentic Tantra Practice.

Combining these Spiritual and Therapeutic Skills, Hanna Will Support Your Process Finding More Balance & Fulfillment in Your Life.

Based in London, UK & Travel the World for Initiations & Workshops

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