We have 6 brains =3 Head+1 StemBrain + Heart brain + Gut brain. Heart & Gut brains actually runs the show ! Listen to your Heart & Gut brains, really know better then the head brains! All brains culminating in an intricately orchestrated perfect harmony masterpiece called YOU ! Read on, it will astound you, worth the few minutes effort. And will explain so much.

The 6 brains (3xhead+1 BrainStem+heart+gut brains) connected with the limbic brain system, harnessing together this neurons plethora that supports our every move and thought. Literally ! You are a miracle of life ! You read it here first, cutting edge transformation galore.

Heart & Gut brains actually have more intelligence than the 4 head brains. Heart brain comprises of complex intricate nervous system networks comprising neurons, neiroransmitters, proteins enabling cells regeneration.

Our hearts communicate to the head brain in 4 main ways: 1. Neurologically: transmission of nerve impulses2. Biochemicaly: hormones and neurotransmitters 3. Biophysically: pressure waves4. Energetically: electromagnetic field. Heart brain is x100 times more powerful electrically and x 5,000 times more magnetically powerful then the 4 head brains together.

The spiritual heart brain is connected to ALL humanity, it is “wired” like that, a bit like our mobile phone networks,invisibly and intricately interwoven. Heart intelligence can be harnessed for the benefit of ALL.

Gut Brain has millions of nerves, Neurons, Neurotransmitters and chemicals that communicating with the head brain. That “Feeling” / intuition you had and “should”have listened to. Yes, Listen to it, It “knows” better than your head brain.

The head brain evolved to obsess and re-run “programmes” like a broken record. Head brain was mistakenly given too much credence in the past few decades. The real brains (that “should” be) running the show are the Heart and Gut brains !

Neuroplasticity, scientifically proven recently, well referred to in spiritual ancient tantra yoga practices, enables you to “awaken” and create new pathways in the brain.

You can literally intend on growing in certain areas, and the knowledge, wisdom comes “tumbling” in, we are antennas and magnets to wisdom.

Ken Wilber (the All authority about evolution) talks about different models of evolution and the many stands or lines of intelligence. We can be highly gifted in some areas, and others we could if we choose develop, or not.

Our personal evolution also impacts and contribute to the whole collective un/consciousness ! We have a duty to HumanUnity. Literally our thoughts create the realities we perceive as experiences.

Below much more about of the head brains roles and functions:
The Head brain, comprising 4 main brains: Forbrain, Midbrain and Hind Brain, The forebrain comprising of Cerebrum / Cortex , Thalamus & Hypothalamus as part of the Limbic system

1. Reptilian Brain takes over, automatic control, primitive drives survival based: thirst, hunger, sexual drives, territoriality, habits and procedural behavioral (automatic) memory such brushing teeth, riding a bike, placing keys in same place.Reptilian brain, supports us in (what we perceive as) danger, Responding with either: Fight, Flight, Freez, Tend & Befriend (Stockholm syndrome) Loves survival, territorial.

2. Mammal (Old / Monkey) Brain paleomammalian: comprising hypothalamus, hippocampus, amygdala, & cingulate cortex. It is the emotional center, where we store memories, learnt behaviour, parenting “skills” (not all should be parents ! ) and motivational drives. Movement, recognition, orientation, perception / stimuli interpretation. Loves dramas & TV soaps.

3. New Mammal brain – Neomammalian / “Entrepreneurial” : comprising of neocortex, enables us to gain knowledge, controls emotions, provides the ability to have empathy & compassion, evolve, plan, obtain new skills; language, movements, abstraction, solve problem, reasoning, perception, recognition & ability to evolve ! Loves HumanUnity. Oneness consciousnesses, bliss & enlightenment.

4. STEM BRAIN, posterior brain continuous with spinal cord, which is highly important, Occipital Lobe. It is the command distribution centre, “Land Command”. The brainstem controls main motor and sensory nerve supply to face & neck. Exceptionally important as all information pass through from body/brain communication pathways.

Brainstem includes the Midbrain, Pons = “The Bridge” neural pathways, Medulla Oblengata Hindbrain = responsible for visual learning, maintaining consciousness, regulating sleep, responsible involuntary automatic functions: sneezing, vomiting, cardiac functions, breathing, heart rate, blood pressure. Highly important at embryonic development. Passing information and commands to and from the body through the brainstem, motor tract, all touch tactile sensory pathways, vibrational pathways, pain, temperature. Supports our life.

Live the Life You Love, Live Out Loud & THRIVE ! 

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