As your thoughts created your reality that you are in right now. So NOW is the time to master the art of manifesting the life you are meant and desire to have.
The secret of success in manifesting the life you yearn for, is the taking action now.

Most people have new year’s resolutions and after a while the dreams, goals and aspirations fad and dissipate away, as we were not committed enough to make it into a reality.

From Kabbalah קבלה, “The Creator”/ Boreh/ בורא = In Him\her Shall See The Light/ Bo-Ereh/ בו ארא . Therefor YOU ARE the CREATOR. “you are Nothing but a stage name for the Divine” (Quote by Mooji a great Spiritual teacher). You are an instrument of divine manifestation on earth – you are the Divine.
You are the Divine Design. Think into being the gift of your life, You have the power to design your life. Dream and feel consciously and dedicate it to the benefit of all.

Manifest your goals is by making the commitment to yourself, after all this is your life. You are Weaving your Consciousness into the Fabric of the Universe as you dream it. sing it, paint it with your words, actions, intentions, being & energy into the ultimate manifest Light Show.

Taking action Now is the secret. Keep the momentum going by taking small actions in manageable attainable chunks, so that you get a sense of accomplishment.

The larger the goals, the ones others may label as “Impossible”, make sure you say to yourself, “I’m possible” ! And take immediate action. Small actions repeated will get you there.

As a reward, honour and acknowledge yourself when you have taken action. Keep taking actions for minimum duration of 21 days up to 42 days and beyond. Thus you are cultivating an effectiveness habit / Sadhana / Commitment daily Ritual.

Follow your convictions, this is your life, this is your time, Commence now with the first step at learning a new skill or a new language, going to the gym, learning to skydive or go to that dance event.

Spend 7-10 minutes a day conjuring up the image, visualising yourself as you would like to see, feel, smell, taste have and be. Write daily your ideal life description, it will support your focus and hone in the desired outcome.

What you focus on you accomplish / manifest, whether you like it or not, so you may as well choose consciously and create the thing you most desire.

Ensure you speak about the goals in the present tense, as a done deal, already accomplished i.e. “I have…I am…”. After all spirituality teaches us that ALL is Given unto us, all is already there.

Allow yourself to receive the nourishment of the Universe. It will support you to THRIVE, As you are ONE with All That Is.
Allow yourself to receive the flow of abundance. It is flowing through you right now. The river of life / Existence, is showering blessings all the time.

It is up to us how much we allow ourselves to receive, open up, let go of ego identifications which hinders and sabotages, to receive and enjoy the fruit of creation.

You are the bridge between the Heavens and Earth. You receive the nourishment from Existence and overflow onto this earth in creativity.

You are a Divine expression of Love and Magic, Your body is the vehicle of your soul on this life time’s journey. Your Soul is the vessel / instrument of transformation and manifestation. It is a part of and One drop of the Oceanic Divine. Its purpose is to elevate and transcend consciousness.

The clue for our individual purpose on this precious planet is in our striving, longing and yearning of our inner most hearts desire. What we desire and yearn for is what we are here to accomplish and bestow upon Human-Unity.

Enjoy this life as it is not even a blip in the great scheme of the grand vastness of the Uni-verse. Sing your life song into being, like the aboriginals sing the world into creation.

So this is it, Carpe Diem – seize the day, make the most out of being on this blue green planet, in this phenomenal illusion we call reality.
Wishing you all that you desire and beyond. Namaste