Mind the GAP ! The “real” meditation happens in the GAP, in the space between the breathing in and breathing out. It is the space between the thoughts ! Cultivate the Silent Witness Consciousness, it lives In the NON-DOING. It is in the stillness that occurs naturally when we do not DO anything, just BEING. In the space between the practices.
It is a pheromone that happens through not forcing, simply observing what is, accepting all, attaching to no-thing. 
Pure Shiva Consciousness is Spaciousness itself. (Shiva=GOD/Masculine essence). Shakti is all phenomenon, All things arising within spaciousness, all POWER. (Shakti= Goddess/Feminine essence) 
Being Space helps us accept ALL beings, to be in compassion. 
Love the Life You Live, Live the Life You Love & THRIVE !

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Hanna Tantra Katzhttps://hannatantracoach.com/