The Celestial Game:
You are the Scientist, You are the Experiment, You are the Result !
It is the commitment to the SELF (Soul)
I remember the days….when:
Had to wait so long/years to get another mantra/practice
Had to demonstrate my commitment
Now there is too much on offer, easily collectable/printable, yet we do not commit to even 1 regular practice
We are dazzled by the next / newer on offer
Desiring to have instantaneous gratification
Charisma of the salesers / gurus / teachers is irresistible
Like honey to wasps, consuming yet not transmuting to anything beneficial
Master thyself, NOW !
Be a force for good for the benefit of All
And enjoy (or not) the process
After all it is all a celestial game

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Live the Life You Love, Live Out Loud & THRIVE !

© 2019; Hanna Tantra Katz