Magic Creation Lesson – Creating is easy we do it every moment: The Force Is YOU :
Choose ➣Declare ➣Envision ➣Conviction ➣Expect ➣Receive 
= ♪♫♬ BeDoBeDoBeDoBe= Have ! ♪♫♬
“If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you…Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it…”Kipling

We often manifest that which we do not desire. So here is simple “truth” you can apply or not. The Universe/Existance/SubConscious (same same) does NOT respond to No/NOT, It will hear a “…(Blank)…
What you focus on, and whatever you say to yourself and others is what you create. What you focus on amplifies and multiplies like a magnifying glass shining on every word.

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When we say : ” I don’t want…” It will be heard as “I (blank) want….. Thus drop the “NOT” out of your creation vocabulary.

When we say: ” I want…” It is heard as a lack of something “I am unable to receive… Therefore say : ” I desire…” it means “I am willing and allowing myself to receive”.

The time lag between declaring your desire and receiving depends entirely on our inner self worth, your inner value, beliefs and certainty.

Belief is a gesture you offer, not based on “evidence” you gather, that will comes later to support your decision / declaration.

If you choose to believe IT will take a long time, you are right. Whatever you chose to believe in, you will create and the evidence to support it. When we choose to alter our beliefs that are self created, our reality transforms, Just like magic.

Unwavering certainty in your conviction is your commitment. It is the access to creating your cause. Even when all around you are appearing to be in disagreement and doubt. (When you are ready to take full ownership that you are the creator of your reality, then also this form of inner doubt is your creation projected externally – hard one to swallow)

Take the action that correlate to your commitment and your declared outcome, thus forwarding your progress to realising your vision / Self Actualisation / Self Realisation

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Dedicate your energy, use sekual energy to direct to the manifestation of your vision…

Play, lough dance, this is far more attractive and magnetic to your creation and the creative powers of the universe / Yoniverse, rather then being earnest, significant and an energetic black-hole.

Expect miracles, Smile a lot 😉 it is the magic magnet attracting miracles everyday !

Being spaciousness and clearly is like being the heavens without clouds obstruction. Tibetan spiritual teachings use the analogy of clouds as synonymous to meandering thoughts that come and go, some days cloudier some days clear sky.

Notice in the picture ” Creation of Adam by Michelangelo, the creator is reclined inside the brain in the heavens.

The power is yours. it is all in our minds ! 
May the Force Be You ! 
Hari Aum

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