“Telling Off” does NOT work ! Any other thing will. Scolding humiliating & venting just breads more contempt and more aggression. If You really desire an outcome that is beneficial and up to changing something use Love, Compassion & Forgiveness instead. Easier said than done!

The only thing=hurdle to get over, is our sense in indignation, self importance, our EGOs. When we are in a “reaction” of feelings, then ego kicked in and most likely do more harm and separation then bringing Unity, Love, Affinity, & Forgiveness.

Letting go of our egos is the hardest and easiest thing to do ! Due to our reactions, feelings, emotions and obsessive thoughts, which we give more weight to then our commitment to propelling HumanUnity to a new dimension.

When there is no “you”/”I” then real communication comes from love from: how can WE resolve this? If it was me how would I like to be spoken to? So much time is spent talking at people the way we were talked at. So much time we are reaction.

With awareness we can catch it and choose. I can either feed the “Chimera” (mythical ) beast within me or can chose to be “Graceful Love” and really contribute to ALL even the aggressive ones. It is hard. Just keep sending Love to them and we will All be transformed.

Thrive ! Live Life U Love

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