You are the Gift of Life. You are the Universe experiencing itself through you. Life is happening through you (not to you !) 

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When an experience (pleasant or otherwise) or a practice arrives at y/our “feet” of consciousness – it is a Universal Gift of the precious opportunity for Consciousness Evolution.

For you/us to choose to integrate and evolve or step over and ignore. It is really up to you/us, that is Free Will.

When the “learning” is integrated, that is when the real practice starts ! In the space between the practices. In the gap between the breath, when the mantra is flowing inside your inner ear and inside your vain and internal space.

When suddenly you realise the mantra in inhabiting you. When you really “know” it, from within you.

When the experience is All That Is, When you are no more a bundle of judgements and evaluations.

You are no-thing and every-thing at the same time, A happening of vibration in space/time.

There is no separation, no identification. You are the taste, You are the Sound, You Are All That Is, You/We Are One !

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Wishing you all that you desire. Hari Aum Tat Sat.