Warning: Awakening Kundalini unleashed potent power without proper guidance is dangerous ! There are so many books on Kundalini. Though it is like reading about something: the taste of Tiramisu, flying a hang-glider or orgasm, without never experiencing them. Words cannot describe the real profound and sublime experience of the unleashed cosmic potent power of creation and destruction !

Awakening Kundalini, without proper guidance and rigorous self discipline, WILL cause havoc physically, emotionally, mentally, psychologically and spiritually ! it is the most potent power of creation and destruction! Without authentic teacher, living and functioning within society, there are real dangers of psychosis. The real teaching comes from actually practising safely 
with guidance !

May the Amrita flow and rise gently ! 
Picture from my book Secret Chakras Revealed.

Many people activate it without knowing what they are doing via some Kundalini meditations or other “fun” workshops, then it takes them years to recover and put all peaces of their being back together.

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