Is this a DREAM ? Maybe we are just players in someone else dreams? “Our own” “DREAM” is far more then we attribute to it. It is an access to altered states of consciousness. They can be form of initiations, messages from other realms states of consciousness. We BRIEFLY indicate here the different possibilities about dreams from the esoteric to science and the whole spectrum in between.

Allow your dreams to inform you, to inspire you. Work with them conscientiously and allow your subconscious to “permeate” upwards. Day dream. Enjoy it, create your realities. Choose consciously, play subconsciously, go astral travelling if you like and enjoy inhabiting “this” reality, the one dimension you are actually awake in. The more you practice and bring awareness, the wider your spectrum of perception into other realms expands.

Dreams interpretations are very personal indeed and the individual is the expert on themselves. You know the answer, you only need a “spiritual Tourist Guide” to show you the sites, and it is up to you to enter those realms.

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On a non spiritual basic level, dreams are a way for our subconscious to process events and memory connections activated during the day that we did not fully resolve.

Some dreams are a way of accessing our “Higher self”, that may also be interpreted as the Divine speaking through / to us. In some dreams we connect to the “Cloud” – Akasha/Akashic records and download. Amazing inventors across the ages got downloads of masterpieces from healing, music and science, this way.

Lucid dreaming are when we are aware whilst dreaming and bridging the worlds, where we can actually use our conscious will to effect events within the “dream” !

This is how to actually take control over your fears, reactions, stop being a victim to circumstances and events that happen. It allows you to practice causing the miraculous, It all starts from the WITHIN.

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Your conscious thoughts inform your unconscious, leave an imprint, The more you think and focus on some outcomes you desire, the faster you empower it and make it manifest.

Your conscious choosing will inform your subconscious mind. Very simplistically: A thought is a Neuron occurrence, when repeated creates Neuron Clusters, strong pathways in our brains (in the head as there are other brains for another topic).

These convert in turn into Neuropeptide, protein like molecules and that in turn gives us an injunction of chemicals we then experience as a “Feeling” or Bodily sensation.

During sleep there are levels of brain activities that “determine” levels of meditative states, The deepest level lasting only small duration of time in “conscious awakened” state, is the “Delta State”, a wholesome blissful state.

“Alpha waves are the ‘frequency bridge’ between our conscious thinking (Beta) and subconscious (Theta) mind”. They help calm us, “promote feelings of deeper relaxation and content”. “Theta brainwaves occur most often in sleep but are also dominant in deep meditation. Theta is our gateway to learning, memory, and intuition”. Delta stage is the deepest sleep and in meditation experienced as bliss. These can be measured with EEG and scans.

Back to Dreaming: When talking about dreams, a lot of people go to the meaning the dreams represent. Ans wanting to attribute “meaning” to the symbols and images, This of course will vary form culture to culture, though there are universal human themes and archetypes that recur through out the globe regardless to cultural societal indoctrination.

Dream work/play is great when you are guided and empowered to explore y your trusted “spiritual Tourist Guide”.

Love the Life You Live, Live the Life You Love & THRIVE !