Money & Abundance & Wealth & Affluence:  How to increase wealth consciousness and abundance reality: Currency comes from the word Current, to stand and be in the flow of abundance.

This ancient esoteric concept is now proven by quantum physics science. You are literally standing/sitting in the flow of energy currency travelling across the globe. Thus you are already abundant.

Spirituality can really flourishing when you are thriving and not in survival mode. The more you allow yourself to have, the more you can give and contribute.

How do we do that? Focus on what you desire, speak in empowering language, as a done deal ! Focusing will get you to the desired outcome, remember you planned on getting a degree/job/house and you got it.

Start right now by writing your ideal life/goals/monitory outcomes that you are desiring to create/do/be/have. Writing the sentences in the present tense. I am… I have…

Do not worry about the HOW ! Do NOT make it something you know you can manage, allow yourself to express all “unreasonable” desires. Speak/wrote it as a definite done deal.

Do not delay anymore. You then you are ready ! Yes I get its scary and exciting.

Make it succinct statements i.e I am leading…by Feb 2020. I am performing a gig in …by January 2020. I contribute to global peace and recognised by UN by May 2020.I wrote and published my book by March 2010. I earn £5000 a month by August 30th 2019, I am mortgage free by 5 Sept 2019, 
I have been on cruise with my family by October 2019.

Tantrically we do it by activating our life force energy and dedicating to the goal/cause using “Sygual” = sacred symbol.

Abundance Wealth flow and Sexuality flow are synonymous expressions and interpretations of the One.

The world/creation strives towards expansion and growth, constant evolution is its nature. Thus our receiving abundance is “doing the will of the Divine”.

Your “duty” is to thrive and abound.

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