How Much Fun Will You Allow Yourself To Experience? סוכות Celebrating HumanUnity, festival of “Sukkot”, represent transformation of the essential values within, from the egocentric individuation to the altruistic / The Collective ONENESS. Our “Duty” is to Enjoy Life/Love Now & Thrive!

Under ONE “Sukka”(shack) roof open top, the Universe/ stars are our cover. Walls are permeable in all directions so that All are welcomed

It is the starting / meeting point:
Creating a safe space(s) for all to be welcomed & valued
Harmonising world, inclusive of all, hospitality paramount!
Sharing / Celebrating Abundance, indulging drinking, eating, dancing, Joyful playing…
Arms extended: right arm giving out the gift of Compassion, left gathering in Love all HumanUnity.

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Live the Life You Love, Live Out Loud & THRIVE !

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