Tantric Self Healing

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Heal Your Life With Tantric Self Healing Techniques for:

Optimal Health

Relationship Issues

Sexual Healing

Trauma & Emotional Healing

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Tantric Self Healing

January 2014 Healing Lump

Hanna had a growing lump on top Sternum. Self Healing with 1 Mantra & Visualisation, using the Cosmic Cobra Breath. Recovered March 2014.

May 2017 Recovered from Pneumonia, 2 seizures & Resuscitation

Centre Image May 2017 Hanna contracted Pneumonia had 2 seizures and stopped breathing,   Zohar, her daughter resuscitated her in the car on the way to the hospital. Hanna recovered and self healed with no medications just using the Cosmic Cobra Breath

Hanna Feb 2018

Healing Modalities

Cosmic Cobra Breath
Healing Meditations
Psycho-Sexual Therapy
Relationship & Empowerment Coaching
Tantra, Kabbalah,
Mantra & Meditation
Tantric Self Healing
Colour-Light / Colour-Puncture a
Tachyon Healing
Karuna & Tantric Reiki and much more