1) Can take time or not. We need to grief, on the loss of a person, a loss of relationships, a loss of what could have been. On What we “should” have said and done or not done.

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2) Teenagers, make themselves grief by putting mournful music, young girls watch themselves cry to see and experience in an attempt to get congruent on how they feel and what they look like. They are simply practising.

3) Sorrow is part of human emotional expression range. like autumn and winter seasons of our being.

4) We feel naturally grief when we lose someone dear to us, or even not so dear to our hearts though meaningful representation of what that relationship “should” have been and the loss of what could have been/said/done.

5) We often do not properly express our grief, as we put on a “brave” face, all about us looking good to peers & strangers, to our own made up observers we have been performing probably all our life.

6) In the Jewish tradition, as in Islam there are “professional” mourners they come to “kick-start” the mourning process, as Jewish funerals are rather cruelly final and ex-communicate the dead.

7) In some neo groups, they adopted theatrical, Shamanic, BioEnergetics and Gestalt & Psycho-Drama therapy exercises, teaching people how to express grief.

8) Giving people permission to wail. cry and express pain and hurt that may have nothing to do with the mediate experience and more to do with years of similar issues.

9) And it is good, all these tools are wonderful if you actually use them even when there is nothing to be grieving for, a bit like doing the “Dynamics” Osho meditation even when you don’t have stuff, just a great practice you enjoy (or not).

10) Spiritually speaking, we are ALL That IS, We are ALL ONE, There is no beginning no end to us, all this Human experience is a light show, like a film we watch, a great show. Time is an illusion and non linear, certainly not constant (read Einstein)

11) We are ALL connected, always have been always will be !

12) Who we really are is not the body, we have a body, we have experiences, we have thoughts, emotions, feelings. We are that which never dies.

13) when you (whoever & wherever YOU may be located/identified) are here i consciousness you really get who you really are. No beginning, Endless.= Lelo Reshit, Lelo Sof. Adon Olam !

14) “They” as much as we love them, are us, we are them. They are within us.

15) You must grief, for all the losses, all the transformation. Like the butterflies that mourns the caterpillar. Like the tree remembers (that is a human trait we put of this, as tree is perfectly “treeyig”) the acorn if emerged from. The leaves that fell fro the tree and turned into mushy compost to fertilise the grounds for new crop to feed and turn into a body to then “die” change form and the cycle continues.

16) When we fully allow ourselves to grieve, for ourselves and what was; what we imagined & hoped/longed for, we are purged of it, then our tears wash over our souls. Anoint our souls and purifies us, when we fully allow ourselves to cry then we are ready to embrace and be with joy.

There is more to it, and it again depends on individual circumstances

Heal Your Life and Thrive.

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