1) Frozen Shoulders represent unwillingness to let go of control, stubbornness.

Being a martyr, carrying the whole worlds’ problems upon your shoulders.

The shoulders are meant to carry buckets of joy abundance, Dlayey Shefah HaOsher. דליי שפע האושר

2) Forgive yourself for choosing to act as the martyr. It really does not serve you, and it robs others from their power.

If you want to empower others, you need to be empowered !
I Am Power = I Empower.

3) Forgive yourself, Your heritage as it is on your shoulders, Social upbringing, environment. Forgiveness is the key factor.

4) Go float in the sea/pool/flotation tank.

5) It is also about self Love, By cutting off someone you are actually hurting yourself. release them in love. Frozen shoulder is an armour that does not serve you.

6) It protects you and rubs you form the experience of Love. It means well though does not know how to.

So YOU (the master) are in the driving seat of your being.

You choose to open, to cast aside the armour that actually blocks and hinders true expression of love due to fear of past hurt.

7) Frozen shoulder means you can take it off by bring the warmth of your heart, as the hands are extension/tentacles of the heart.

8) Its a choice: “I choose LOVE” at every moment, to ALL experiences. Embrace, hug, even force yourself to hug.

Movement will free you form the frozenness you have sentenced yourself in a “frozen-cast” imprisonment.

Just wish it away, command it to thaw. Send with your mind’s eye the Chi/Chai/Life force energy.

Thrive ! Live the Life U Love

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