1) Neck challenges is about being inflexible in our points of views, believes systems, unwilling to adapt, change.

2) neck is the area where our whole lower physical plane is converging into upper realms, Entering the head as we ascend to other planes of consciousness.

3) The neck is to do with our speaking the truth, changing Karma, healing the masculine/cognitive aspects within us/our lives.

4) At the back its about inability to budge, Unwillingness to alter our vantage point, as we are adamant we “know”.

5) Be kind, gentle, At times we want someone else to take the “reigns” to assume control & responsibility. We long for surrendering control and allowing ourselves to be held in safety, It is about our willingness to let go and be in the innocence of our existence, like children.

6) Yearning to feel safe in our being, when we do, we surrender and it may feel risky and counter intuitive, as if we are about to drop into the precipice / void. The death of the ego.

7) Mantra: “I’m OK” Hung”

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